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The Zandspruit community project will be run by three engineering societies from the University of Johannesburg, namely Engineers Without Borders UJ Student Chapter, ECSA Student Chapter and UJ-Civils. The collaboration between these societies aims to give back to the community through engineering

The common goal of the three societies is to promote research, community engagement, education at tertiary levels, and industry involvement.

This is an invitation to join the Zandspruit community project as a team sponsor, with the objective of aiding the society in reaching their funding requirements.

Last year, we were approached by Pastor Elias from the Zandspruit Community Church to help rebuild the community through rehabilitation of the church structure, which not only functions as a place of worship but as a recreational centre as well. Upon assessing the area and the church, several problems were identified:
• The structure has reached its design life and is slowly collapsing; the beams that were constructed to hold the roof are giving way and the columns are slowly losing their strength in general; from the observations made, the structure does not look safe for any form of activity.
• Given the location of the structure, when subjected to heavy rainfall, the structure is prone to water leaks and flooding.
• The staircase leading to the structure was not properly constructed; as a result, the soil it was built on is slowly eroding away which will lead to cracks, breakages and eventual collapse of the structure.
• The flooring of the church is uneven and this poses a pedestrian safety risk, as well as leading to limitations in the use of the building.
• There are not enough windows and the sides of the building are covered either by IBR and/or canvas sheeting; this makes the building dark, stuffy, hot and prone to further water infiltration.
• There is only one entrance to the church which poses a safety risk in the case of emergency procedures needing to be followed.

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