Banele Makalima

As an individual always looking forward to new opportunities that I can utilize to enrich and develop myself as well as others, I was honoured to serve the ECSA SC in 2020 alongside an incredible team.

With the vast projects and activities that ECSA SC offers it is a great fit for an individual like me. I believe I would be the perfect fit for ECSA SC Chair position because not only am I open to learning but I am always prepared to go an extra mile. With the time I have spent being part of the organisation I understand its vision, mission and goals. I believe I would be able to lead the chapter to greater heights from where it is now. My personal goal for ECSA SC is to leave a footprint of greatness that can be carried on to future teams and members alike.

I would appreciate your consideration of my credentials presented in my attached Curriculum Vitae and look forward to the opportunity of potentially serving the ECSA SC as the Chairman.

Fani Masoabi

As an organization and planning enthusiast, I was delighted to see the post about the project management portfolio. With my experience as a team manager in the Shell Eco Marathon and an Activities Coordinator of the SAIEE student chapter, I believe I can efficiently full fill the portfolios duties.

Furthermore, I have recently headed a charity project where we had to raise funds for the Orlando Children’s home and it included marketing, logistics and organization which are paramount to any project.

I know that currently, the ECSA Student Chapter aims to come up with projects that are not only conducive to a particular competition, but are also easily marketable across Africa. I have experience in Human Centered Design which balances desirability, viability and feasibility and this is in alignment with the chapter’s mission.

I hope for the opportunity to harness my skills in electrical and electronic engineering through the inter disciplinary projects.

Jean-Paul Malan

As a 2nd year engineering student, I was thrilled to see the positions that had opened on the Executive committee of the ECSA student chapter. I am positive that I can be a great fit for the team.

I am a motivated worker and will not stop until a task is completed to perfection. One of the reasons that I am studying engineering is to one day work in or lead an engineering team. I had the opportunity to practice this skill in my Matric year, where I led our prefect group through a tough but successful year.

Projects Manager would be a perfect fit for me, as I have good communication skills and the ability to start and finish a project with a strong will.

Keamogetswe Rachel Phiri

I am a hard working well driven aspiring mechanical Engineer. Seeking to explore more opportunities in the field to broaden my knowledge outside the lecture rooms, I am willing to learn and acquire the needed knowledge and skills to become a well-seasoned graduate in the field, I am a goal orientated always ready to learn young lady who is willing to break barriers.

Having served in the Ecsa Student Chapter executive committee for the year 2020, under the marketing portfolio has exposed me to a dynamic growth in the field and would thus like to further nurture my skills in the field through taking part in the executive of the chapter for the upcoming term. Being actively involved with the mentoring of learners in my community as well as spreading the awareness of the engineering profession to young girls this Chapter is the best platform to better advance my knowledge in order to share it with younger aspiring female engineers, in order to make the engineering profession more understandable to the communities in the township which I come from.

Serving as Head of the Marketing portfolio of ECSA Student Chapter, provided a platform for the marketing team to proactively grow the Student chapter reach to students and academic staff at the University, due to the pandemic all marketing activities were conducted online, during this time, social media pages were successfully set up, this increased the reach of the student chapter to fellow students as well as potential industry partners, a workshop, Career day(in collaboration with PsyCaD) and competitions were successfully held on the online platform, this sharpened my communication skills as I was liaising with the different stakeholders in the planning of the events.

Kenny Chirombo

One of my greatest passions is proactive involvement in efforts to make a sustainable difference in the world and within our immediate communities. It is this burning passion that immediately got me excited when I came across the advert you put out inviting applications for the Executive Committee. It is with great pleasure to submit my application as I believe my broad and valuable domain knowledge coupled with unrelenting passion to give back to our communities would be instrumental for the ECSA objective.

Having understood the Student Chapter’s objective amongst others, to provide a platform to enhance student ingenuity, creativity and critical thinking, I was immensely captivated to be a progressive part of the exciting work that is to be done. In addition to my skillset, I also believe my ability to drive myself to learning new technologies with dedication makes me a suitable candidate.

I look forward to any further correspondence and I am excited about embracing the ECSA vision, ideals and mission as my own. I hope you will find me a competent candidate to drive value to the institution as I strongly believe myself to be.

Lerumo Nkofo

I am an undergraduate, Electrical and Electronics engineering student at the University of Johannesburg, about to embark on my fourth and final year. I am looking into applying my skills in the chapter simultaneously gaining multidisciplinary environment experience as a pre-exposure to industry.

I have a profound knowledge in green energy systems from my experience working on hybrid concept cars the previous two years; the hydrogen car and solar car.

Lesego Legodi

Herewith I am applying for the role of Head of Marketing, Theisole is very appealing to me and I believe the experience I’ve gained in the previous year makes me a highly competent candidate forthisportfolio.I am currently serving as the Head of Public Relations of the outgoing executive committee at the SAIEE UJ Student Chapter and although the previous year has been tough and had numerous obstacles regarding the pandemic, we were still able to do exceptional work for the student chapter.

My key strengths that would support my success in this position include: working under pressure and ensuring deadlines are met as well as taking on the leadership role in a group.

Mitch Thurston

I have enjoyed being an ECSA student chapter member and now that positions are available in the executive committee, I would like to apply for the role of Deputy Chairman and the role of Head of Marketing. I have given the roles much thought, and I believe I would make a good candidate.

I have been observing the executive committee and I believe my experience and skills are best suited for the aforementioned roles. I have experience with leadership positions; as I was the SRC president in school for a year, I was deputy/vice Head-boy, I was president of the school outreach programme for three years and the president of the environmental club for one year. I worked as an assistant for an individual who was a stakeholder in several business ventures, from this I gained experience with business pitches, formal business meetings and negotiations. In terms of skills/traits that would be suited for the positions; I am detailed oriented, outspoken, confident, passionate, a fast learner and opened to hearing others out.

It would be an honour to serve on the executive committee, if I am considered I will do as much as I can to add to the student chapter and grow along with it.

Sambulo Gumede

I’m currently occupying the positions of Secretary and Heard of Membership for the ECSA Student Chapter Executive Committee of 2020. I regard myself as a person who is good in multitasking, as I was occupying the stated positions in this organization, I was also part of another student chapter where I was also serving on an executive position, while I was tutoring at the university on the other hand. As I was in the mentioned positions, I still maintained good grades on the 2020 academic year. With the stated information, I can also say that I’m a person with good leadership, project and time management skills which I recon will be fruitful for the student chapter.

I am very passionate about the growth and development of the ECSA Student Chapter, as well as keeping engineering students aware about Engineering Professionalism and the necessary steps one needs to follow in order to achieve it. I believe from my current executive experience on the ECSA Student Chapter as well as that I’ve gained from my previous experience in leadership will be fruitful for the student chapter and its development.

Tatenda Alford Rutavi

I would like to apply for 2021 Executive Committee position as a Projects Manager as advertised on the pamphlet that has been circulating on social media recently and on your website.

I am 4th year Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Johannesburg. As a member of the student chapter in the past year (2020), I saw the advertised position as a place that I will grow in terms of my skills and knowledge as well as bringing my news ideas for the management of the projects as well as the development of the Student Chapter at large.

I am someone who is passionate about engineering and how it helps to improve our lives and that of our communities and the country at large. I would like to share my knowledge in terms of managing projects as well as learning exciting new things on how projects are managed. This position offers me an opportunity to gain skills, to interact with many different with different views and in doing so, I believe it offers an opportunity to gain skills in working in team situations and being a leader. I am a goal driven person and when I do my work, I go an extra mile to make sure that work is satisfactory and up to standard.

My ability to work with others in team setup and being focused a well as hardworking has resulted in me being awarded an Outstanding Worker Certificate Award at Corrocoat SA in the year 2015. This has opened doors for me in great ways as I have been offered a holiday working spot every time when we close for holidays at the University. As for being a leader, I have been a Youth leader at my local Church in Germiston (2019 – 2020). I have led different successful initiatives as a youth leader with others who I worked with. The skills I have gained in these initiatives will help me to lead and to encourage teamwork if I am to be given the opportunity to lead the advertised position that I have applied for. Achieving the intended goal of anything I work towards gives joy in my heart.

Xolani Mzileni

I am a student at the University of Johannesburg Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment in the department of Quality and Operations Management. I am currently enrolled in Masters in Operations Management.

Covid-19 and the introduction of lockdown in 2020 disrupted the academic calendar for Higher Education Institutions (HEI’s) in South Africa including UJ . The switch to online learning affected how students learn, engage and how students societies operate. Student’s chapters had to be flexible and adopt digital approaches that will continue serving their students members online amidst distant learning. I believe I am suitable for this role of Marketing Manager because I have sufficient experience on social media management, student leadership, community engagement and I can help ECSA grow a strong digital presence across major social platform ( on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn). I have 3 years’ experience on graphics designing. Through this skill I will be able to design graphics for the society’s programs, saving more time and outsourcing costs. In order to ensure continuous growth in my graphics design skills, I am currently enrolled on an online program in Digital Marketing Specialization at University of Illinois , Chicago (USA) and this role will serve as platform for me to practice new skills. In addition to my ideas on how to grow the chapter digitally, I also have ideas for fundraising and applying for grants for the society’s initiatives and /or members (e.g., Crowdfunding for ECSA student member with outstanding fees).

I had the opportunity to serve as an executive member previously in students societies. I served as Co Vice-President (2020), Campus Outreach Director (2019): Golden Key International Honours Society UJ; President (2020): Industrial & Operations Management (IEOM) UJ society; Co-Founder & Vice President (2018): Quality, Operations, & Management Services (QOMS) forum. I have 6 years’ experience on leadership and student’s service. This experience allowed me to network with various organizations nationally and abroad. Given this role, I can use this network for to market ECSA students society, raising more awareness, and form global collaborations. I believe that together we can take ECSA UJ society to greater heights unitedly so through teamwork, communication, respect, & dedication. I believe that we make 2021 a better year for the society compared to 2020. Together we can cultivate the society through strategic marketing to have more students and professionals across various Industries as well as diverse community members.

I personally believe in academic excellence and I am passionate as a keynote speaker advocating for education. I believe through marketing I can be able to promote academic excellence for the society through Programme ideas such as 1st & 2nd Semester Top 10 Achievers, 2021 ECSA Top 10 Best Students Awards, ECSA Top Achievers Network ( a structure in ECSA for Top academic performers) . In view to academic excellence, I was awarded at UJ for: 2015 1st Year Top Achiever, UJ FEBE Deans List 2016 & 2017; UJ Top 1% 2016 & 2017 Ujenius member, Top 15% Student award by Golden Key UJ ; and also received Student Exchange Scholarship to study at USA in 2019 at Appalachian State University. In closing, serving as the Head of Marketing will be a great honor and an opportunity for me grow, serve the society wholeheartedly so and be of service to the ECSA member and the society at large. I may not be the best applicant for this role, but I believe, and I am confident that I can add value to the society.

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