Slide 2010 2012 Ilanga I
Marks the beginning of a new adventure
Solar Car Project
Ilanga 1.1
Brings on new innovation and technology
2014 IlANGA 2
Concept is Born
2014 Ilanga 2
goes on to win the Sasol Solar Challenge Technology and Innovation Award
2015 Africa Solar Drive through South Africa, Botswana and Namibia 2019 Ilanga 2
Sets out once again at the 2016 Sasol Solar Challenge
Cruiser class vehicle design and concept-ualisation 2016

Solar Car Project


Ilanga 1 marks the beginning of a new adventure


Ilanga 1.1 brings on new innovation and technology


Ilanga 2 concept is born


Ilanga 2 goes on to win sasol solar challenge technology and innovation award


Ilanga 2 sets out once again at the 2016 sasol solar challenge


ecsa student chapter established


ecsa student chapter sets it’s sight to the future for the solar car for 2021

South Africa is well positioned to become a world leader in alternative energy solutions. In order to realize this potential, energy innovation must be promoted through technological development, technical education, and commercialization. These vehicles, and particularly Ilanga II and the hydrogen vehicle, are used as a platform that promotes science, engineering, technology, innovation in various fields, and alternative energy solutions. The chief objective of the programme is to develop a pipeline that supplies the necessary skill base to support the New Growth Path and the National Development Plan. This is achieved through national engagement with schools, teachers, students, and industry partners in order to address the critical skills shortage in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics that South Africa is currently facing.